The 5 Best Things About Living in Farragut, TN

Over the years, higher numbers of families and new homeowners have flocked to Farragut, TN, one of Knoxville’s most popular neighborhoods. With fantastic schools, great scenery, outdoor recreational spaces, and one of the area’s best shopping destinations, Farragut provides everything you need to feel at home. Farragut is a beautiful community, where buyers can find homes below $100,000 as well as impressive, million-dollar luxury properties. With such diverse options, families looking to move … [Read more...]

Home Selling Tips: Finding a Realtor

When it comes to home selling tips, we have one piece of advice that comes before all others: always find a realtor that you can trust. For every home sale that moves smoothly, resolves quickly, and sees the sellers moving out with a nice profit, there's usually a knowledgeable realtor helping to guide the process. In order to understand the real estate industry and ensure that their clients enjoy the best selling and buying outcomes, good realtors undergo a great deal of training and spend a … [Read more...]

How Soon Can I Refinance After Buying a Home?

Your house isn’t just a home, but an investment in your future. After buying, staying on top of your refinancing options – and what they mean – can help secure money for renovations, education, family trips, or retirement. Don’t let a less than ideal mortgage drag you down. Whether you’ve struggled to secure the perfect mortgage the first time around, your financial situation has changed, or you've caught wind of lower rates, refinancing after buying a home can free you from some of your … [Read more...]

5 Things to Do When Moving in to a New Home

After all the stress of searching, bargaining, and signing involved in purchasing a home, you can finally enjoy the final step: moving in with your family and making the space your own. While it's easy to get caught up in the excitement of decorating, setting up furniture, and learning your new home’s little quirks, you should also remember the a few small things can help make moving into a new home go much more smoothly. Steps like changing your address, connecting the internet and utilities, … [Read more...]

Landscaping That’s Perfect for Knoxville’s Climate

Knoxville's climate can be one of extremes. Hot and humid in the summers with the occasional winter freeze, it makes for fantastic gardening, but isn’t without its challenges. Knowing how best to plant, decorate, and build a thriving garden in Knoxville's climate can be tricky. However, plenty of resources exist to make it a rewarding pursuit (provided you’re wearing enough bug spray). Read on to find out what you can do to turn your backyard or garden into a lush and beautiful getaway right … [Read more...]

Am I Required to Have Mortgage Insurance?

For homebuyers new to the world of real estate, the costs and rules behind private mortgage insurance may come as a complicated surprise. With so many worries already at play when buying of a home, the time and frustration you spend figuring out this facet of the process can certainly feel like yet another hidden, unexpected cost. You might ask whether all homebuyers are required to have private mortgage insurance in the first place. The short answer? No, you don’t, but that depends on how … [Read more...]

How a Home Equity Line of Credit Works

As we've said in the past, flat rate home equity loans most often offer the safest way to borrow money using the value in your home. The variable rates that come with a home equity line of credit, or HELOC, make it a little riskier overall. However, home owners sometimes need the flexibility that HELOCs offer – the option to borrow a lot or a little, depending on the needs of the moment. If you're considering applying for a HELOC loan, read on to learn more about how they work and how to get … [Read more...]

7 Easy Backyard Landscaping Ideas for Spring

Soon, Knoxville residents will be taking to their backyards once again. Spring months are perfect for inviting friends over to enjoy some warm sun and cool drinks. But if your backyard is little more than a bare patch of grass, now might be the best time to grab a trowel, roll up your sleeves, and create an outdoor space that will upgrade your home. Here are 7 easy, rewarding backyard landscaping projects you can tackle right away. 1. Flex Your Green Thumb  Whether you already have fresh … [Read more...]

How to Use the Equity in Your Home Safely

After owning your house for some time and making monthly mortgage payments, you might be looking at ways to leverage the equity in your home to save more for your family or finance a renovation. However, home equity loans can sometimes lead unsuspecting home owners down a dangerous path, so it’s best to be as informed as possible beforehand. After working and planning to build up equity in your home, offering up that hard work as collateral for a loan involves no small amount of risk. … [Read more...]

The Best Home Renovation Ideas for Knoxville Sellers

Spring is often the optimal time to sell a home and research home renovation ideas. Now is when smart home owners who are considering selling their Knoxville properties begin their improvements to appeal to buyers. A healthy round of renovations can increase the selling price of even the nicest home, and the return on investment almost always justifies the extra effort. However, knowing where to focus your renovation efforts can make all of the difference. Home improvement projects can easily … [Read more...]