The 5 Best Things About Living in Farragut, TN

More families and new homeowners have realized why living in Farragut, TN, is simply better. Farragut, TN is one of Knoxville’s most popular neighborhoods — and for good reason. With fantastic schools, one of the area’s best shopping destinations, natural spaces perfect for recreation, easy access to downtown, and flexible pricing, Farragut provides everything you need to feel at home. Furthermore, Farragut is a beautiful community. With such high-selling points (at even low prices) families looking to move should consider the five best things about living in Farragut, TN.

1. Respected Schools

Farragut’s public school system includes separate schools for K–2nd grade and 3rd–5th grade students, as well as traditional middle and senior high schools. Farragut High School, in particular, boasts above average test scores and graduation rates, demonstrating the local school district’s commitment to providing the highest standard of education.

Hardin Valley Academy, situated north of Farragut, also serves a small selection of top students. This prestigious academy offers advanced STEM and AP courses with an emphasis on college preparedness. In this case, it’s best to search for a home on the north or northwest ends of Farragut, within the Hardin Valley Academy school zone

2. Shopping and Fun for the Whole Family

Knoxville residents from any neighborhood will know Turkey Creek. That is, Farragut’s dense and bustling shopping hub. This stretch of Parkside Drive is home to department stores, high-end boutiques, and specialty retailers. These shops are perfect for walking off a meal from one of Knoxville’s best restaurants, also found throughout Turkey Creek. This area is also home to the largest movie theater around. Though Turkey Creek can get rather busy, there’s nothing like having a destination of this caliber right in your backyard. You’ll still have the option of lazy days, but you’ll certainly never be bored.

3. Scenic Parks and Outdoor Recreation

Farragut’s southern end rests on Fort Loudon Lake, so you can enjoy fun on the water in every season. A handful of parks take advantage of the lakeside views, including playgrounds at Anchor Park. Concord Park offers a dog run, a golf course, nature trails, and a marina. Other waterside facilities can also be found in Farragut and are a favorite among boat owners. And, furthermore, golfers of all experience levels will find lush, accessible greens to perfect their game. Even horse owners will find plenty of space to roam in and around Farragut. 

4. Easy Access to Downtown Knoxville

While living in Farragut, TN offers a wealth of relaxing outdoor activities, residents can still enjoy urban life as well. On average, Farragut homeowners travel about 30 minutes to reach Downtown Knoxville. This is perfect for families looking to spend their Saturday in the city. In a short trek, you can enjoy some Cruze Farm ice cream or see a show at the Tennessee Theater. Easy access to downtown also means access to all of Knoxville’s family-friendly events, such as the weekly Market Square Farmer’s Market, cultural and musical activities, and the annual Biscuit Festival.

5. Real Estate Options for Every Budget

Even within the relatively small community of Farragut, housing options vary. Whether you’re a young family hoping to get a start in Knoxville or a retiree planning to settle down, a Farragut home exists to meet your needs and satisfy your budget. In fact, buyers can find homes below $100,000 as well as impressive, million-dollar luxury properties. 

If you’re interested in living in Farragut, TN, try our easy-to-use home search tool to see what’s currently available. Simply type “Farragut” into the search bar, list your desired bedrooms, features, and price point, and let the search tool take care of the rest.

Let’s Recap the 5 Best Things About Farragut, TN

The best things about living in Farragut, TN, will likely be unique to you and your family. However, with our knowledge of the area, local culture, and how the area has changed over time (and remained true to its roots), here are the five best things about it:

  1. Respected Schools: All age levels can find their dream school, such as Farragut High School, with above-average test scores and graduation rates. 
  2. Shopping and Fun for the Whole Family: We’re talking more than 100 shops, eateries, attractions, and more to explore, much of which is conveniently located in Turkey Creek. 
  3. Scenic Parks and Outdoor Recreation: Stroll in green spaces with lake views at Fort Loudon and more, take the kids to playgrounds at Anchor Park, or stir up some healthy competition with a few rounds at one of many local golf courses. 
  4. Easy Access to Downtown Knoxville: Never have a dull weekend (or date night, for that matter) with access to Downtown amenities like the Farmer’s Market, the Tennessee Theatre, festivals, restaurants, and more. 
  5. Real Estate Options for Every Budget: Everyone can find a home in Farragut, regardless if your budget is large or small.

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This post was originally published on July 27, 2017, but was updated on March 5, 2020. 

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