6 Fall Lawn and Landscaping Tips

Fall is a gorgeous time of year in Knoxville. The leaves change colors, hot cocoa and apple cider start making regular rotations at local cafés, and every neighborhood looks even more welcoming and beautiful. Still, while the approaching holiday season can leave many homeowners preoccupied with decorating inside and outside of the house, the lawn can be easily neglected. Don’t let your yard go untended and forgotten this season. Follow these lawn and landscaping tips to keep your yard in good health.

Lawn and Landscaping to Prepare for Winter

Step 1. Rake It Up

A yard blanketed over with bright orange, yellow, and red leaves can be aesthetically pleasing, especially as the temperature drops and the air turns crisp. But allowing the leaves to sit for too long can cause more problems later as they dampen and begin to rot. Raking often will make a lawn easier to maintain through the fall and into winter.

Step 2. Grow in the Cold

Just because the days are growing colder and the skies are gray doesn’t mean that your lawn has to suffer. Planting ryegrass, which is adapted to grow quickly even through cool seasons, can help to keep your yard green and vibrant all year long by protecting against erosion, providing ground cover, and imparting nutrients to the soil.

Get Ready for Spring

Step 1. Pull and Stomp

Weeding and aerating your lawn will help to ensure that your grass and other landscaping look good once the weather heats back up. Cleaning out soil beds ahead of time will give flowers and plants a head start on flourishing, so gardening in the warmer months won’t involve quite so much frustration. You’ll get healthier, more abundant results with less sweat.

Step 2. Find a Balance

Fall is a good time to take measures to correct soil pH for an optimal growing environment in the next year. Too acidic or alkaline, and your yard or garden can become a hostile place for growth. An easy sample test should give you results, so you can improve your soil’s pH balance before spring arrives. Balancing pH will usually involve adding sulfur or limestone with a drop spreader, similar to distributing a fertilizer.

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Enjoy Autumn Now

Step 1. Make the Most of Color and Texture

Accentuate the natural drama of the season with materials and hardscaping details that effortlessly deliver on style. Consider adding a water feature or updating your outdoor furniture to create a fuller sensory experience. A fire pit and cozy cushions, or added seating for roasting marshmallows, can provide a new, welcoming dimension to your backyard.

Step 2. Draw the Eye

Many plants, shrubs, and trees still thrive throughout autumn. Use differing heights, colors, and textures to create visual interest. Your landscaping stays fresh and updated, so you can enjoy your time directly outside your door without having to wait until the temperature rises. Your backyard or garden can be a charming and inviting space to spend time or entertain all year long.

Recap: Fall Lawn and Landscaping Tips

  1. Rake it up: Meaning leaves.
  2. Grow something: Supplement your lawn with hearty ryegrass.
  3. Pull weeds and aerate your lawn
  4. Balance your lawn’s pH
  5. Add seasonal elements: For added charm and function, include a fire pit or update outdoor seating.
  6. Vary your plants: Many plants can do well in fall, mix it up.

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This post was originally published in Oct. 2015, and has since been updated.


  1. I really liked your tips for preparing my lawn during the winter. It’s good to know that I can still plant certain things even with cold weather. I didn’t know that ryegrass adapts to grow quickly even when it’s cold out. Learning about that makes me want to find out about any other plants that I can use for my yard that will grow during the winter to make my yard look better when spring comes. Thanks for the tips!

  2. Great post-Nancy! I do not know how to really take care of my lawn and landscaping so reading this has really helped me. I really like how you said that”A yard blanketed over with bright orange, yellow, and red leaves can be a great visual treat, especially as the temperature drops and the air turns crisp. But allowing the leaves to sit for too long can cause more problems later as they dampen and begin to rot. Raking often will make a lawn easier to maintain through the fall and into winter.”. I hope that these tips can help me to take care of my lawn and my landscaping.

  3. These are some great tips, and I appreciate your advice to clear your flowerbeds early in the spring. I want to my landscape to look better this year, so I’m determined to work harder to make it that way. I’ll definitely look into being proactive about cleaning out my soil beds and weeding early to make it more manageable this summer. Thanks for the great post!

  4. I had no idea that there were things I could do basically every season to help my landscaping. I’ve usually tried to keep most of my landscaping work in the summer, but it’s great to know that there are things I can do year round to make it all nicer. I know my brother is the same way, so I’ll have to share this with him. Thanks for the tips.

  5. I dread when autumn comes around, because I have a huge tree and I know that I’m the one that will get stuck raking the leaves. I usually rake when all the leaves have fallen, but that makes it so I have to rake gross dead leaves. So from now on I’ll take your advise and rake as they fall so I don’t get stuck raking rotting leaves. I hope people found these tips as helpful as I did.

  6. Last winter, the snow came as soon as the leaves started falling and so it left a huge mess in our yard. Now that the snow is clearing, we are in the process of making our landscape look better by getting rid of the rotten leaves. Do you have any advice for preparing winter and getting rid of the leaves when it is snowing around the same time? We have had several early winters like the one we had last year and I would definitely like to avoid having to have the leaves stay out with the snow all winter long.

  7. These are some really good landscaping tips to know for all of the different seasons. I like that you talked about how it is important that you get rid of weeds. I didn’t realize that could help your flowers grow faster and better. If you don’t like pulling up weeds it might be a good idea to hire a landscaper to come do it for you.

  8. That’s a really good idea to rake leaves off your grass. I know that when I haven’t done this, my lawn gets really muddy and sometimes even dies. I’ll have to call a landscaping service to make sure everything gets done this year. Thanks for the awesome advice and info!

  9. Awesome ideas, we actually had fall show up on time here in SC for the first time in what feels like years.

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