7 Easy Backyard Landscaping Ideas for Spring

backyard view with patio lounge area

Soon, Knoxville residents will be taking to their backyards once again. Spring months are perfect for inviting friends over to enjoy some warm sun and cool drinks. But if your backyard is little more than a bare patch of grass, now might be the best time to grab a trowel, roll up your sleeves, and create an outdoor space that will upgrade your home.

Here are 7 easy, rewarding backyard landscaping projects you can tackle right away.

1. Flex Your Green Thumb 

Whether you already have fresh herbs planted or you’re new to gardening, a great starter project for this spring takes an herb garden to the next level.

First, research and pick out the herbs you’d like to plant. Don’t be afraid to mix herbs for cooking with more decorative herbs; not every plants needs to be edible. Some herbs, such as thyme or sage, will beautify any herb garden while also adding flavor to your meals. Others, like anise, might not be as appealing for cooking (especially if you don’t like the taste of licorice), but will accentuate your arrangement with delicate, fragrant blossoms.

Next, pick a design that will suit your garden as well as your available time. Stair risers, for example, are a quick way to put your herbs into attractive tiers that provide visual interest. You might also try lining your porch or patio with potted herbs, or you could even plant your herbs in polished tins and hang them from a bare wall.

2. Be Grounded

Another quick way to bring texture to a boring backyard involves laying stones or pavers in an attractive pattern. Many homeowners simply use these stones to create paths, which is certainly a great place to start. However, these decorative pieces can also be used to bring color contrast to an empty corner or offset a garden.

For example, if you have a sitting area in your backyard, try placing a number of large, square pavers in front of it to bring charm to an otherwise empty space. To place the stones, you can either dig small holes in the grass to bring them to ground level, or simply drop them down and let your grass grow around them.

3. Illuminate Your Surroundings

Hanging lights aren’t just for college kids decorating their dorms. Fairy lights and paper lanterns can make any garden feel more welcoming and alive at night.

Try placing string lights around sitting areas, especially if you have an outdoor table, or from your the top of your wall to any nearby trees. Hanging lights are also a gorgeous addition to an overhead trellis or gazebo.

Feel free to experiment with color, but yellow lights are often the safest bet: adding warmth and elegant charm to your backyard without overly distracting the eye.

4. Add (Plant)life to Bare Walls

Espalier is a tradition with a long history, stretching back into ancient times. Typically done using fruit trees, such as apple or pear, espalier involves training the limbs of your tree from a young age, forming them into a pattern of your choosing. Many use espaliered fruit trees to form living fences, but you can also plant and espalier a tree against a bare wall.

With time and patience, the limbs of the tree can be trained to stretch out along your wall, getting plenty of sun while covering your wall with beautiful leaves, flower buds, and even fruit. To get started with espalier, check out this detailed DIY guide.

5. Make New Paths

If your backyard offers enough space, try planning out a new path that leads around your garden. This path can either use pavers arranged into a pleasing pattern, stepping stones, or crushed rocks. Before you begin, use stakes to plan your path out. Avoid making it too straight, and instead wind the path around your garden. If you have an outdoor living space at the end of your backyard, then putting down a curving path will give your garden a more energetic feel.

If you use crushed rocks for the path, try experimenting with new edging, which you can also use around gardens and tree beds. Simple wooden edging will do, but consider using stone bricks for some extra color contrast and a more contemporary tone.

6. Create Space for Relaxation 

You don’t need to invest all of your time and money into a gazebo to have a nice sitting area in your garden. A picnic table with an overhead trellis creates a versatile gathering space. You can also try putting together a makeshift bench using simple, recycled materials for the base, a foam pad, and some outdoor pillows. A wooden table, a few tea lights, and some fresh plants can transform a regular evening into something more magical.

When deciding where to build your new living space, consider the space you have available. You might build it away from the home, to get more use out of the garden space in between. Or, if space is limited, you can simply build a makeshift sitting area right next to your outdoor wall.  

7. Stay Warm and Welcoming

To finish off your outdoor living space, bring some fire to your spring nights. A fire pit lined with cut stones and benches will give guests a natural gathering point during get-togethers. A rustic-looking chimney can also make a backyard more cozy, and provide light and heat when the weather cools down again. If you enjoy cooking outdoors, consider a pizza oven instead of (or in addition to) the expected barbecue grill or smoker.

A landscaped backyard with attractive and interesting features will not only improve your homeowner’s experience, but also make the property more enticing for buyers when you’re ready to sell. If you’re interested in finding a home with a great backyard, search our local listings in Knoxville’s most popular neighborhoods.

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