Decorating with Pantone’s Color of the Year for 2020: Classic Blue

decorating with the 2020 color of the year classic blue

Even if you’re not one to follow trends, you may welcome some inspiration from color magnate, Pantone. This year’s color, classic blue, may accommodate more tastes and decorating styles than recent years, such as living coral or marsala. It’s easy to update both your indoor and outdoor spaces in either a bold or a more subtle way with this blue hue. Read on for more inspiration.

Using Classic Blue Indoors

Bringing natural — though not neutral — colors indoors can add both a sense of calmness and depth to your spaces. Using this color at its full saturation, however, may be overwhelming if you’re not used to it. But don’t worry. We’ve provided some specific suggestions to ease into an interior update below. 

For bold statements

If you’re feeling adventurous, painting an entire room in classic blue can create beautiful results. However, if you’re not used to a ton of color in one place, there are impactful, but less intense ways of doing so. Instead, consider using classic blue on an accent wall in a well-lit living area. That being said, you can also do so in a less-lit room for more drama. 

If you have bold furniture that could use some updating, consider repainting or reupholstering with classic blue. This can breathe some life (and 2020 energy) into just about any room. And, you can always rearrange your furniture as you see fit to evenly disperse it throughout your home or larger spaces. For a more permanent option, you can also repaint your kitchen island or even your kitchen cabinets in this color

For minor updates

You can also incorporate classic blue in minor ways, but this doesn’t mean there aren’t unique products available in this shade. Updating curtains, bedding, accent rugs, and other fabrics throughout your home to this color is also a viable option. And, if you get tired of these items after a while, you can always spread them out in different areas of your home.

Using Classic Blue Outdoors

Using classic blue outdoors likely won’t be as overwhelming, since it will be muted by the natural landscape. In fact, this color was pulled from the sky at dusk and is meant to offer a sense of peace. Some of the same principles for indoor decorating with this bold color can also be applied to your outdoor spaces. Below we’ve provided some specific suggestions to ease into an exterior update. 

For bold statements

By all means, you can really go for it and repaint your entire home in this color. However, be aware that boldly colored homes may be harder to sell and may not adhere to HOA standards if your community has restrictions. For a safer route, you can add larger fixtures in classic blue to your outdoor spaces by means of painted or repainted furniture or even large planters and pots.

For minor updates

Likewise, adding classic blue outdoors can also be accomplished with art pieces, planters, pots, and other sculptural elements. You may also find a variety of flowers that can either contrast or complement classic blue tones. If you’re undecided, buying a gallon of paint can offer versatility for how you choose to incorporate this blue.

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