DIY Curb Appeal: How Landscaping Can Help Sell Your Home


Buying or selling a home can involve a lot of dry, uninspiring paperwork. In contrast, the act of house-hunting itself actually involves a lot of emotion and gut reaction. How the outside of your home looks can have a profound effect on how quickly it sells. Curb appeal is the first thing a buyer will notice when coming to view your house. Luckily, we’ve got plenty of tips you can use to make your home more memorable without spending a lot.

Why You Should Care About Curb Appeal

Simple, practical, and well-thought out landscaping can help sell your home. Keep the following in mind when considering how to boost your curb appeal.

Looks Matter

At least they do when it comes to creating a good first impression. A run-down, unkempt yard or unwelcoming exterior can harm your chances. How your property looks on the outside will give buyers an impression of what to expect inside. Poorly kept lawns, shrubberies, trees, and flower beds are a point against selling your home from the start. Landscaping that is well-maintained will

Stand Out from the Competition

Great landscaping helps buyers instantly picture their lives in the house. If your neighborhood has many homes for sale, you want your house to be distinctive. An exterior with lush grass and colorful flowers, along with a charming walkway or front entry, will help frame your home in a positive and memorable light.

Save Money

You can not only complement the look of your home with landscaping, but make your home more comfortable and cost-effective as well. Strategically placed trees that shade windows facing the morning and afternoon sun can help you to save on cooling bills while improving curb appeal. Landscaping that doesn’t need much care to flourish – lavender and evergreens – can also save on water and energy.

DIY Landscaping for Curb Appeal

Professional landscaping can be costly, but with a little effort, the DIY route can save you money while providing stunning results. Here are a few ideas for landscaping that can help sell your home:

  • Plan landscaping to your selling timeline. If you know you won’t be putting your home on the market for months or even years, take the opportunity to plant young trees. When selling on a much shorter timeline, skip the expense of tree planting and opt for quick landscaping fixes, like flower beds, a flagstone walkway, and tidying up the yard.
  • Get professional advice. While you don’t need to hire a professional service to plant or maintain your landscaping, you may still need help getting started. Work with a garden or landscaping designer to create a layout that you can follow, then get started on your own DIY curb appeal.
  • Plant local species and plants that thrive in the local climate.Doing so will keep costs – in money, time, and effort – more manageable. Choosing species that bloom or change color at different times of the year will help to ensure that your yard isn’t ever entirely drab and bare.
  • Create different heights and structures. Use a variety of plants and flowers to add contrast between shapes, sizes, textures, and colors for landscaping that looks more exciting, vibrant, and lush.
  • When in doubt, focus on cleaning up.You may not have the time or budget to dedicate to sprucing up your outdoor spaces. In that case, you can still make sure it’s as tidy as possible. Prune the bushes, remove weeds, power-wash the walkway, and declutter the space all around the house.

Landscaping call help sell your home, but that’s just one way that homeowners can generate interest in a home sale. Get in touch with the Holloway-Westerling Group to speak to a realtor and get more expert tips on selling in Knoxville.

(This was originally posted on 8/12/15. It was since been updated.)

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