Home Selling Tips: Improving Curb Appeal

Home Selling Tips Improving Curb Appeal

In the past, we’ve offered home selling tips on topics like renovation and staging, all designed for improving curb appeal to potential buyers, move your home faster, and hopefully earn you a higher selling price. However, many first-time sellers neglect one of the most important parts of selling a home: attracting buyers when they’re still on the sidewalk.

Great curb appeal isn’t just icing on the cake; in many cases, it’s what gets people through the door in the first place. Before potential buyers ever step inside your home, they will have formed opinions about your home’s exterior, including the level of maintenance, the presence of extra features, and the quality of the landscaping. Fairly or not, many buyers will make quick assumptions about what the expect from the rest of the home based on these early observations.

Thus, when preparing to sell your home, turn a careful eye to your home’s curb appeal. Check out the following home selling tips to learn how to draw impressed buyers off the street and through your front door.

Power Wash, Clean, and Manicure

The walls of your home are like teeth; while buyers may not notice slightly dingy siding or dirty bricks, they will certainly notice a clean home that beams with bright colors and looks well maintained.

First, power wash your home once it goes onto the market, and make sure the exterior walls stay fresh and inviting throughout the time it takes to sell. Likewise, keep your lawn pristine and well-manicured, gathering up spare trimmings, raking leaves during the fall, sweeping walkways, and otherwise keeping things spotless. If buyers see a clean, properly maintained exterior, they’ll assume the interior has those qualities as well.

Bring New Life to Your Front Lawn

Even with well-mown grass and clean siding, a bare front lawn won’t do your home’s value any favors. Enriching your front lawn with some new landscaping can go a long way towards improving curb appeal and impressing potential buyers.

If you plan to live in your home for a year or more before moving, try planting a new tree or two, especially if your lawn lacks large trees. You can then spread mulch or plant new flower beds around their bases to turn your new trees into stunning centerpieces.

However, if you hope to sell your house soon, new trees may not be worth the expense. Instead, focus on new shrubs, flowerbeds, and even hanging planters to bring some natural splashes of color to your home’s exterior. Any fencing around the front of the home could also be cleaned and spruced up with new shrubs or other greenery.

Lastly, when picking new plants to grow, focus on staying local. Exotic plants may worry potential buyers if they look difficult to maintain, and native plants are more likely to thrive with little care.

Repaint Window Frames and Doors

Just like a clean yard indicates quality to potential buyers, freshly painted doors and window frames will tell people on the street that your home comes with tender loving care.

When picking colors, consider how they’ll contrast with the door frame and the walls of your home, and aim to project a classy, modern sensibility. Bright reds might pop on some modern homes, while cozy bungalows be flattered by a rustic turquoise that offsets the green of your manicured lawn.

Build and Decorate a New Outdoor Living Space

For those with the time and money to spare, outdoor living spaces can work wonders for improving curb appeal. In fact, adding a new gazebo, trellis, front porch, or even a basic sitting area can be as impactful as adding a new room altogether.

Of course, large-scale projects might sometimes be more appropriate for the backyard, where the initial curb appeal is lost. Instead, you might aim to make your front lawn simply feel more functional. New outdoor lights, paving stones, and outdoor features can all make the front yard feel like an inviting extension of your home.

The best time to sell your home is right around the corner, so if you hope to sell in the coming months, Holloway-Westerling is here to help. With our combined years of experience moving homes in the Knoxville area, we’ll make sure your home impresses buyers and sells for the price it deserves. Contact Us if you’d like to learn more!


  1. Cleaning and repainting will definitely help to improve your house curb appeal and help to sell the house faster. Great tips by the way. Thanks for sharing these tips!

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