Knoxville Neighborhoods for Young Professionals

If you’re looking for a place to call home in the Knoxville area, it’s hard to go wrong — after all, Knoxville is known for having affordable housing rates with upscale amenities. When it comes to the best Knoxville neighborhoods for young professionals, there are a few keys to finding where you’ll fit best. Let’s discuss your top options. 

Old City (South Knox)

South Knoxville is called the Old City, however, it has plenty of new points of interest as well as historical charm. The Old City is a common spot for young professionals due to its proximity to the university. The area has recently been overhauled and renovated to include high-end lofts in addition to more affordable options.

The Old City is also one of the best areas for lifestyle and culture in the Knoxville area. If you’re looking for nightlife, this is also the perfect area to find it. Knoxville’s downtown and “urban wilderness” are also located right in your backyard, including World’s Fair Park and the iconic Sunsphere. 

Other areas around downtown

If you’re not sold on the Old City but don’t want to stray too far from downtown happenings, Timbercrest and Halls Crossroads are a few other great Knoxville neighborhoods for young professionals


Timbercrest is a “quiet community” about 3 miles west of downtown. The majority of Timbercrest’s residents include young individuals as well as couples and families just getting their start. In addition to being a short driving distance to downtown, you may also enjoy being close to nearby parks such as Third Creek and West Hills. 

Halls Crossroads

Halls Crossroads is an unincorporated area located a bit further than Timbercrest, northwest of downtown. It offers even more quiet, natural space to breathe in and is nestled in the Ridge and Valley Appalachians. It’s also unlikely to experience traffic issues in this neighborhood due to its connection to Highway 441.  

West Town

If you’re looking for a combination of amenities, natural spaces, and a choice of top-ranked neighborhoods, Knoxville’s West Town may be perfect for you. West Town offers plenty of large shopping plazas and centers, including West Town Mall. West Knox is also home to some of our area’s must-try restaurants

Old North Knoxville 

North Knoxville is up-and-coming for a variety of exciting amenities, including brewpubs, cafés, and other intimate eateries. If you love tree-lined streets as well as old and new architecture, you can probably find the perfect home in North Knox. This neighborhood is also one of the best in Knoxville according to crime rates and other census data.

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We hope you’re feeling a bit more confident as you begin your search. You can browse current listings in other popular neighborhoods with our search tool. If you have any additional questions or you’d like to get moving into your first home, don’t hesitate to contact us today!

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