Our Best Tips for Home Security in Summer

Our Best Tips for Home Security in Summer

Whether you find yourself traveling, giving your older kids more independence with alone time, or are finding creative ways to staycation, home security in summer is crucial. We’ll discuss three foolproof ways to address your home security, no matter your budget or technical prowess. 

1. Use a Home Security or Smart Lock System

The first way to up your home’s security in summer is with sophisticated security or smart lock system.  

Professional systems

Professional systems continue to become more user friendly and accessible. These systems are always finding new ways to integrate their devices that remain in your home with the capabilities of your smartphone. This can keep you in control no matter where you are. A few options include:

These three providers allow you to customize your smart home’s capabilities. They also offer additional safeguards against home safety issues. Additional options include touch screen consoles, window sensors, doorbell cameras, carbon monoxide detectors, smart thermostats, and more.

Smart locks

Though deadbolts offer an additional layer of security, they can’t be connected to your phone in any way. On the other hand, smart locks, such as these options available on Amazon, can help you better track the comings and goings of those at your home. Of course, these locks will only need to be added on the exterior doors of your home. 

2. Implement Other Home Tech

Beyond sophisticated systems and smart locks, perhaps you’re looking for other manageable ways to boost your home’s security this summer. 

Security cameras

Wondering how to keep an eye on things while you’re away or at work? Security cameras have different capabilities depending on what you’re looking for. You should also keep in mind how many cameras you’ll need to cover different corners of your home. Make sure to shop for options that can withstand any crazy summer weather as well as mount securely to your home. 

For example, the Netgear Arlo Pro 2 uses motion detection to save energy while still recording in wireless 1080p. The Ring video doorbell allows you to view and communicate with visitors via a mobile app. This is a great option if you’re having a neighbor look after things or having a pet-sitter drop by. 

Garage door timers

Once you install a garage door timer, you’ll likely never have to worry again about remembering to close it. Leaving garage doors open for hours on end is one of the most common security mistakes. A timer is helpful, too, if you have kids who’ll be running in and out of your home more frequently However, you may also want to look into installing an external keypad so you and your family don’t have to keep track of a key or clicker. 

3. Cost-Effective Security

Home security in summer — or any time of year, for that matter — doesn’t have to break the bank. The following ideas can be implemented quickly and even entirely free. 

Ask a neighbor to check in

Asking a neighbor you trust to check in on your home while you’re gone (and then return the favor) is a great way to build community. Though paying him or her would be a nice gesture, it’s likely not expected. In many cases, you and your neighbor can simply appreciate having one another for added security. 

Inspect windows and locks

Inspecting your home’s windows and locks on a regular basis is a crucial part of maintaining a safe, secure home. Break-ins often occur simply due to unlocked windows or doors. Though it’s convenient to keep a spare key outside of your home, it’s best to remove them prior to leaving for an extended period of time. 

We hope you found some of these security tips helpful and feel more confident about leaving home (or even staying at home) this summer. For more homeowner advice or information on buying or selling a home, contact us today!

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