Save Money by Winterizing Your Home

save money winterizing your home

This time of year may seem unorthodox to consider home improvements. However, it’s actually the perfect time to get your house or condo in shape for the winter. As the weather changes, cold and damp conditions can wreak havoc on your property and your wallet. While many people expect additional expenses during the holidays, a few cost-effective updates and changes are all it takes to ensure that your home doesn’t tack more on. When winterizing your home, remember the following tips for a house that’ll stay cozy, functional, and energy-efficient throughout the end of the season!

Keep the Cold Out

The primary points of entry for cold air and moisture into your home are also the main points of exit for the warm air inside. You can’t avoid opening the doors and windows for several months, but you can make sure that they’re doing their job. Check that doors and doorjambs are fitted properly and that windows are well-sealed in their frames. Some problems are immediately visible, like cracks or warping, but others may not be. If you suspect that your doors or windows may not be working as well as they should, it can be worth the cost to have them repaired or replaced. Your home and wallet will reap the benefits as they’re made more efficient.

Layers Aren’t Just for Outfits

For our next tip for winterizing your home, let’s talk about insulation. Insulation is that unsightly foam or batting material sandwiched between interior and exterior walls. It works hard to keep your home warm in the winter, cool in the summer, and dry all year long. Make sure your insulation is in good shape by looking for any places where leaks occur or by scheduling an inspection. And don’t forget about insulating your HVAC system and hot/cold water pipes as well. This will help to regulate the temperature throughout the house and protect your plumbing by reducing energy loss and guarding against moisture damage.

Protect the Deck

Rain and snow can easily damage wood if it’s not treated properly and regularly maintained. Summers that are long, hot, and humid can be just as hazardous. The more exposed your deck and wooden outdoor features (like gazebos or staircases) are to water and temperature extremes, the faster their stain and sealant breaks down. Some decks require annual or bi-annual treatment to stay protected. Before inclement weather sets in, reapply to create a better safeguard against the elements.

Don’t Neglect the Lawn

Plants, trees, and grass are hard-pressed to flourish when the temperature drops. Snow often makes regular landscaping easy to put off until the spring. You can get a head start on the return of growing season by preparing garden beds and the lawn. Weeding and aerating now will help to save time when the weather warms back up. Remember to take proper care of your lawnmower as well by adding fuel stabilizer and oil to the engine, so that it can start up again without any problems when you need it.

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This post was originally published on November 4, 2015, but was updated on December 6, 2019.

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