Summer Home Maintenance Tips

Summer Home Maintenance Tips

As June arrives, summer home maintenance becomes crucial to ensure your family’s comfort throughout the heat waves. Taking steps that also make your home more energy efficient will only save you in the long run, so you have more to spend on summer activities — like a few of our favorites in Knoxville. Not sure where to begin when it comes to protecting your home during this season? We’ve broken it down for you below. 

Work on Energy Efficiency

Much like winter, summer can be a high point for energy bills. But don’t lose hope — there are real measures you can take to keep costs low.

First, consider your home’s windows and doors. They may be overlooked when it comes time for renovations, but well-sealed, durable windows and doors can work overtime to keep cool air in (or out, season-depending).

Next, consider your home’s insulation. How long has it been since it was inspected? Many homes in Knoxville must meet certain standards, called R-values. Here’s a resource for finding insulation inspectors in your area.

Another thing you can do is update your appliances to more energy-efficient options. If you’re not quite ready to invest in a new appliance or two, however, that’s understandable.

Another, more affordable option is to replace your home’s lightbulbs with greener options. You may also choose to run ceiling fans when possible and limit turning down the A.C., especially if you’re leaving home for the day. 

Stay on Top of Tasks with a Checklist

If you’re already feeling a bit overwhelmed, you don’t have to tackle all of these tasks at once. It takes time to build smarter habits. You may find a checklist helpful as you complete and familiarize yourself with summer home maintenance, especially if you’re a new homeowner

  • Focus on easy tasks first: Installing additional films on windows to block sunlight can help. You should also pay attention to your sink’s disposal. This may sound odd, but a warm home and a clogged sink is a recipe for disaster. A few other things to consider: testing your home alarm system (if you have one) and vacuuming vents to facilitate airflow. 
  • Longer (short) tasks: Inspect your A.C. unit thoroughly (or schedule a checkup) and inspect for leaky pipes. 
  • Tougher tasks: One of the most important, yet tedious tasks is to clean your gutters. Freeing your gutters of debris can help summer downpours flow freely — not pool in parts of your home where they shouldn’t and cause damage. Another task: don’t let your landscaping get unruly. This can lead to unwanted bugs and pests, and, not to mention, lessen curb appeal. 

Avoid Common Mistakes

In addition to the points above, allow us to touch on a few common mistakes before we send you off to complete your checklists. Keeping these things in mind will also allow you to boost appeal if you plan to sell your home this summer, too. Again, we’ll call your attention to the gutters — because they’re that important for drainage and more. You should also not neglect your home’s roof and siding. Not only can weak spots allow unwanted pests to settle in, but they can also allow water and unwanted moisture to collect. Another spot of potential weakness is your home’s paving. Redoing this may not be the summer project of your dreams, but it’s not possible to complete it during colder months. 

We hope you enjoy the start of summer and the beginning (or continuation) of your maintenance journey. For home-selling, buying, and anything you need to know about the Knoxville area, our team at Holloway-Westerling is here to help.

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