7 Home Improvements That Add Resale Value to Your House

Before you break out your wallet for a whole range of expensive home improvements, be sure to think first about what choices will add the most to the resale value of your home, whenever you decide to sell. What to Consider to Add Resale Value Here are some general considerations for picking improvements that add resale value: Not selling right away? Stick with timeless, classic choices so your upgrades won't go out of style before you sell. Selling immediately? Feel free to ride the … [Read more...]

Energy Saving Home Improvement Projects that Also Help the Environment

Making your home more eco-friendly doesn't require a huge overhaul. While some energy saving home improvement projects can be costly, not all are. You can also take up a few jobs around the house that pay off with relatively little effort or expense. Help the planet, reduce your monthly utilities, and save money in the long run? It's an easy choice. Even better, when you're ready to sell, potential buyers will love the energy-efficient features.  Energy Saving Home Improvement … [Read more...]