Landscaping That’s Perfect for Knoxville’s Climate

Knoxville's climate can be one of extremes. Hot and humid in the summers with the occasional winter freeze, it makes for fantastic gardening, but isn’t without its challenges. Knowing how best to plant, decorate, and build a thriving garden in Knoxville's climate can be tricky. However, plenty of resources exist to make it a rewarding pursuit (provided you’re wearing enough bug spray). Read on to find out what you can do to turn your backyard or garden into a lush and beautiful getaway right … [Read more...]

7 Easy Backyard Landscaping Ideas for Spring

Soon, Knoxville residents will be taking to their backyards once again. Spring months are perfect for inviting friends over to enjoy some warm sun and cool drinks. But if your backyard is little more than a bare patch of grass, now might be the best time to grab a trowel, roll up your sleeves, and create an outdoor space that will upgrade your home. Here are 7 easy, rewarding backyard landscaping projects you can tackle right away. 1. Flex Your Green Thumb  Whether you already have fresh … [Read more...]