Tips for Renovation During Winter

tips for renovation during winter

Winter is likely a busy season when considering your social and family life. Maybe you’re planning to visit relatives in warmer areas, or maybe you’re looking forward to spending time at a ski resort. Or, perhaps you just bought a new home — after all, winter is a great time to buy! That being said, it’s understandable if home renovation during winter is one of the last things on your mind. However, planning home renovations during the warmer months, such as the spring and summer, may not have as many benefits as you may think. Here are some important tips to consider for home renovation during winter. 

General Benefits of Winter Renovation

Did you know that renovating your home during winter may bring benefits related to contractor availability, project cost, and overall timing? We’ll break it down for you.

  • More contractors may be available (and eager) to work during the winter: Contractors have families and holiday expenses to pay for, too. It’s almost guaranteed that their schedules are lighter during the winter. Plus, a lighter schedule means they’ll be better able to focus on your project. More focus means they’ll get it done right and they’ll get it done sooner.
  • Lower project cost: This ties into the above point as well. As contractors and their crews have lighter schedules, they may offer more generous discounts to keep themselves busy. You’ll also be paying for less of their time if they’re not divided between your home and 20 others. Retailers and manufacturers that sell building materials may also have sales during the holidays to entice more people to buy. They may also do discounts on older styles if they’re planning to update their catalogs for the new year. 
  • Project timing: With lighter schedules, contractors and crews can get in and get out on your timetable. Unlike in summer when children are home just about every day, you can time it so that your child will still be in school and not in the way of crews (and vice versa). If you find a trustworthy contractor that doesn’t need a lot of direction, you can also leave them to their work and travel, go to parties, and carry on with festivities like normal. 

Indoor Projects to Tackle During Winter

So, what are some specific indoor projects that make sense to do during winter? You’ll likely be spending a lot of time indoors if it’s particularly cold or snowy anyway. Why not do a room or bathroom remodel? This is also a good time of year to add some more insulation to your home to cut down on energy costs. Colder, drier air is also a good time to tackle basement or attic renovations. Paint, sealant, and other components will likely dry much quicker without running the risk of growing mold. 

Outdoor Projects to Tackle During Winter 

If your family is growing, you may think that winter isn’t a good time to add an addition to your home. However, with the ground harder and the air drier, this creates perfect conditions to lay an additional foundation and pour concrete. As we mentioned prior, it’s typical for manufacturers to increase prices during the spring on materials such as lumber, windows, and cabinets. If you start on a new enclosed porch during winter, for example, it’ll be ready to enjoy by the warmer spring temperatures. 

What Renovation Projects to Avoid During Winter

Though there are many benefits to home renovation during winter, there are some drawbacks. However, these really depend on your family’s holiday plans and your particular schedule. If you foresee yourself wanting to cook homemade meals at home throughout the season, you may not want to start on a kitchen remodel this late. Unforeseen circumstances can always occur. For example, if the new range you wanted is suddenly on backorder or the one you receive is defective.

It may also be wise to avoid putting tight time constraints on outdoor projects during winter. Just because it’s better to lay a new foundation while the ground is dry and hard doesn’t mean that your contractor can complete preliminary work in a weekend. Winter may also not be the best time to redo all of your home’s windows. If you’re simply swapping them out evenly, this wouldn’t be as bad. However, cracked molding or other fit issues would leave you with open spaces in your home, leaving it susceptible to more cold air. 

For additional home renovation tips throughout the year, check out the rest of our blog. And, if you’re looking for a few friends in real estate in the Knoxville area, contact us! We’d love to connect with you more about your buying and selling needs. 

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