Weekend Home Improvement Projects Perfect for Labor Day

If you’re hoping to have an enjoyable — but productive — Labor Day weekend, perhaps you can tackle a few projects around your home. We found our favorite weekend home improvement projects that you can get done in no time. 

Exterior Projects

As temperatures begin to cool down in a few weeks, perhaps you’re planning to spend some more time enjoying your porch or yard. Not only does tending to your landscaping or curb appeal make your space more livable in the short-term, but it also has long-term benefits. In fact, freshening up your landscaping or creating an outdoor living space are two of the best home renovation ideas for Knoxville sellers.


So, just how can you give your landscaping the TLC it needs this weekend? Be sure that you’re not only completing regular maintenance — such as trimming trees, shrubs, and mowing the lawn — but also going a little bit beyond. Can your yard benefit from some flowerbeds? How about some rocks or other approved sculptural elements, like clay pots? Sketch out your ideas before you commit, if that helps you. 

More curb appeal

When it comes to upgrading your landscaping or curb appeal and you’re in doubt, focus on cleaning up. Sometimes, less is more, especially when your landscaping is neat, healthy, and tidy. You can also consult local landscaping or nursery professionals to determine the best flowers and plants for your shade level and our climate.

Another quick and easy idea to boost curb appeal and update the exterior of your home is to either paint or replace your front door. You can also change any exterior light fixtures — or even add some to highlight the best parts of your home and help it shine at night. 

Interior Projects

If the weather doesn’t permit any plans for weekend home improvement projects outdoors, you can easily keep your focus indoors. After all, it’s likely that you’re spending a bit more time at home lately anyway. Both you and your space could easily benefit from a quick refresh or two. There are plenty of affordable and hassle-free ways to update your home

Fixtures and other changes

One of the best ways to lift your entire space is by replacing old or outdated light fixtures. You can even make the switch to a different type of lightbulb that will better mimic natural light or brighten your space more effectively. A few other easy fixes to consider include replacing the outlet covers or even the hardware on your cabinets or furniture. Similarly, your home could even benefit from a few new doorknobs.

Another great place to shift your focus to is the bathroom. You can easily make a bathroom feel brand new by swapping out towels, any other shower linens, as well as sink accessories. You can also bring in a plant or two or incorporate some other type of air purifier or aromatherapy. 

Cleaning and painting

Though the thought of spending the entire weekend cleaning your home may not excite you, sometimes it’s a necessary evil. Using the extra time off (if you have some) to tackle those rare cleaning tasks will also feel particularly rewarding once you’re done. This is also a good opportunity to get yourself on a better cleaning schedule. For example, cleaning your bathroom vanity every Sunday or vacuuming every Saturday. 

Before you get any major painting done, of course, it’s also important to thoroughly clean your space and prep your area accordingly. Cleaning will eliminate any lingering dust or debris so your surface of choice is ready to be transformed. Not to mention, the paint will go on easier and last longer. Paint is one of the best ways to transform spaces like bedrooms and kitchens. For example, you can add an accent wall if you’re not ready to commit to an entire room. Or, you can consider painting or renovating your kitchen’s island if it has one. 

We hope you have a safe and productive Labor Day weekend! For more home advice or to speak to us about buying or selling a home, contact us

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